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COVID Effects on Community

Social distancing has helped the stop the spread of COVID, the flu, and even the common cold. It has also socially distanced our community relationships in a jarring, alienating way. We had to separate, and now we struggle to reconnect with our families, our friends, and our peers. How do we reconnect?

The Lockdown certainly had its positive repercussions. Our busy, chaotic schedules came to a complete stop and we were forced to be still. Although it was scary and the unknown was at times crippling, most of us relished in the quiet, safe spaces in our homes. But now that 15 months or so have passed and many restrictions have been lifted, we, as a society, are struggling to get back to normal.

Our institutions are crawling (if not barely moving) out of lockdown. People have gotten used to drive-thru's, drive-by's, and drop-offs. We would like to watch it from our couch and wave from our car. The cell phone has become our entertainment and our Facebook friendships have morphed into our only friendships. We have been living a semi-virtual reality. How do we reconnect with humanity?

God is the answer to our restoration. He can fix what is broken, and make our crooked ways straight.

I went to church on Sunday and the number in attendance was alarming. It has been alarming for quite a while. In the name of safety and protection, we stopped going to the House of God. We stopped for so long that we've gotten comfortable not going anymore. But somehow we've found the energy to go other places. Our only way back to wholeness is to get back into God's House, to put Him first in our lives, in our weekly schedule, in our daily priorities. God is the answer to our restoration. He can fix what is broken, and make our crooked ways straight.

Church is more than just a building erected for weekly attendance (duty done, check!). It's a place for believers to gather to worship our Glorious Savior, a place to recharge, reflect, renew, and relate. It's a sanctuary of hope and a spiritual oasis in the deserts of this life. This is where we are to reconnect with our community, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And when we step out in faith and prioritize our time, He will reward us. He will grow our faith and our relationships. He will restore what is broken and make beauty from our ashes.


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