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A rigorous curriculum with a Christ-centered perspective


If our eyes are open, we see the providence of God at work as we study history. Approaching this study with a Christian perspective is what sets Trinity's curriculum apart from other secular curricula. We also believe that studying history from primary sources is vital as we seek the truth about history.



Our world was created by God and we believe the study of His creation is important to knowing more about Him.  Christians need science to give us a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s world — and our role as stewards over it.



Our God created order. He allows us to explain His order with equations that always have the same answer. It delights Him when we seek to solve problems, and He graciously allows us to find the solutions. Our God created us to serve.


Literature Arts

We value literature because it gives the reader eyes to see the world and the human experience. It enables us to deepen our thinking and ability to understand important issues. It is the medium through which God has revealed himself

Fine Arts

Trinity is dedicated to raising well-rounded students, and the fine arts play an important role. We understand the importance of truth, beauty, and goodness, and there is no better way to cultivate a love and appreciation for beauty than by learning to create beauty for oneself. When a student learns to make music or paint, they also learn to see and enjoy the details and skill in someone else’s music and art.


Physical Education

Children today need the “lost tools” of a physical education more than ever. Physical literacy, understanding how and why the human body works and how it was created to move, is a vital skill that has been lost. Students need to learn to be good stewards of the bodies God has given them. A brilliant mind can be trapped in a body that is rendered ineffective by improper treatment.  There is a better way.

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