Lori Zieba  - 20 year TLS Faculty Member

In addition to being a teacher at Trinity, I'm a parent. TLS has been a blessing to my family. With its excellent academics, great extracurricular activities and a Christ-centered education, the school has been a partner in raising my children. The atmosphere at Trinity is powerful because students celebrate everyday that Jesus loves them, died for them and rose again. They are forgiven and have eternal life! Trinity students are given an incredible education foundation as well as a spiritual one. Together, these two foundation pillars help build Christian character, assist in making Christian friendships and equip students to excel in the life that is theirs to build.
I have witnessed the impact TLS has had on students and families for over 20 years. I have had the privilege to be an educator at TLS and am blessed to work with an amazing faculty and staff. These dedicated professionals actively embrace the mission and ministry of the school. Teaching is not a job to them, rather it is a calling, a vocation. They have high expectations for their students and for themselves. This is why they always go the extra mile. Working at home, before school, after school, on the weekends and yes...during the summer. Why? Because collectively they have one prepare each of their students for spiritual and academic success.

Ross Gage - Former TLS Student

As a proud former TLS student, I can tell you that describing Trinity as a Great Foundation for Life couldn't be more true. The school has had an immeasurable impact on my family's life and mine. It is more than a school; it's a community that supports Christian values and afforded an opportunity for my sister and me to spend the most impressionable years of our lives in an environment dedicated to both spiritual growth and top-notch education. The TLS record of academic success is a result of many things; not the least of which is the ability to retain top educators for extended periods of time. In addition, small class sizes allow students valuable one-on-one time with their teachers. Such intimate academic attention at an early age really helps accelerate a student's learning curve, preparing them for a more rigorous coursework both at the high school and college level. 
I highly recommend the school to anyone in the area who would like for their child to receive a top flight Christian-focused education with small class sizes and a warm and welcoming student body. It's a great place for a child to grow up. Almost every success I've had in my life I can trace back to the values and practices I learned at Trinity. The most important thing a parent can do is make an investment in the educational and spiritual foundation of their child. Trinity offers the opportunity for such an investment.

John and Amy Hillin - Current TLS Parents

Trinity is an incredible place! We quickly discovered that as soon as our oldest child began Pre-K. We were welcomed so warmly, not only by our child's teacher, but by the entire staff. The teachers and staff are all very attentive to our children. 
We are secure in the knowledge that every day our kids are at TLS, they are being fed academically and spiritually. While some schools have dropped expectations trying to please everyone, Trinity's remain high. The academics are challenging and students are taught an accelerated curriculum. The success that TLS students have at high school and college speaks volumes about the preparation they've received at Trinity. 
Without hesitation, we would recommend Trinity to anyone who is looking for a school that understands the important relationship between parents, teachers and faith. Trinity isn't just a school, it's an investment in your child's spiritual and intellectual future. We LOVE it here!

David Hahs - Four Generations of TLS Students

We are a multi-generation TLS family. My mother and I , my two sons and now two grandchildren all have been students at Trinity.
In addition to making lifetime friends, enjoying memorable activities like recess, kickball, basketball, school boy patrol, school newspaper and Student Council, I believe that my years at Trinity formed a firm foundation for a lifetime of Faith and connection to my Savior, Jesus. 
I would strongly recommend that parents and grandparents of young children consider the benefits of the Christian elementary education available at Trinity. With so many questionable influences bombarding our your children today, it is more important than ever that there be a rock-solid infusion of Biblical truth and the Gospel message. This, along with a challenging academic curriculum, is the unique role that Trinity School plays in the formative years of these impressionable students.


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